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Negroni cocktail recipe

Kick back, relax and sip on this bittersweet Italian classic. Pop into the bar and our lovely team will make up one for you – just the way you like it! But if you want to channel your inner bartender, learn how to prepare classic Negroni at home with our quick and easy recipe. 

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You’ll need: Mixing glass (or jug), rocks glass, large ice cube


25ml gin
25ml Campari
25ml sweet vermouth
Garnish: orange wedge, slice or twist


1. First things first – chill your glassware! You can either fill a rocks glass with crushed ice or put it in the freezer for a while.
2. In a mixing glass (or jug), stir all of the ingredients together with some cubed ice.
3. Add one large ice cube to your rocks glass and then pour in your Negroni.
4. Garnish with orange – traditionally, it’s a wedge, but you can use a slice or a twist.